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IRAN TABLO Co. (ITC) is recognized as one of the leading producers of switchgear panels and electrical system providers in Iran. During its history, ITC has gained a wide range of manufacturing, installation and commissioning experiences in industries such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Power Generation, Utility Services, Cement, Civil Construction, Health, Food and Agriculture. ITC’s LV & MV withdrawable type-tested switchgear panels are built in accordance with the latest IEC design specifications and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System standards.

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    The 16th Iran International Electricity Exhibition To commemorate 50 years of service to industrial development, ITC is proud to invite its friends, clients & affiliates to visit its exposition at the 16th International Power Exhibition from 5th to 8th of November 2016, at Tehran’s International Exhibition Centre.

Range of Products

Transmission, Distribution and Control Switchgear Panels

  • Low voltage switchgears up to 690V, 6300A, 100kA.

  • Low voltage reactive power compensation cubicles.

  • Medium voltage switchgears up to 36kV, 4000A, 50kA.

  • Medium voltage compact solution (AIS) switchgears up to 24kV, 1250A, 25kA.

  • Medium voltage reactive power compensation cubicles.

  • Process control panels (full and semi-automatic control systems using Programmable or conventional relay based Logic Controllers).

  • Static var compensator system (SVC).

Range of Services

Process Control and Automatic Systems

  • Design and development of automation systems including PMS/PDCS, SCADA, and BMS solutions.

  • Engineering Consulting

  • Detailed engineering design of electrical control and distribution systems.

  • Design of interlocking schemes and process control networks.

  • Retrofit for Medium Voltage Installation

  • Upgrading of existing systems with state-of-the-art components

  • Project Management and Implementation

  • Installation, test and commissioning of industrial plants.


The platform on which Iran Tablo Co. was formed dates back to early 1950’s when the founder, Mr. Fayegh Pouladian-Kari began his work in the field of electrical engineering as a service and installation contractor. A few years later a small production workshop was created under the trade name of Technical Ramin, which in 1964 was transformed into the registered corporation known today as Iran Tablo Co (ITC).

ITC’s core activity remains the manufacture of Low and Medium Voltage (Transmission, Distribution and Control) switchgear panels, though over the past five decades it has invested into an expansion programme with values based on Quality, Innovation and Continuous Enhancement. ITC has an established reputation as a leading-edge producer of Electrical Control and Distribution Systems in Iran and is positioned as the front-runner in this field. During its 50+ years of service, ITC has gained an expansive range of Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation, and Commissioning experience in a diversified array of industrial sectors such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Steel, Copper, Mining, Power Generation, Water Distribution, Waste Treatment, Food Production, Healthcare and Civil & Infrastructure Developments.

Over the years ITC has successfully adopted and transferred various technologies for local production of Medium and Low Voltage Type-Tested Withdrawable switchgear products from international technology holders such as AEG, GE-Power Controls, Alstom, HHI and the most recent and up to date one from ABB, through associated License Agreements. Since 2001, ITC has also expanded its product range to include PLC based Process Control Systems, including Power Management (PMS) & Power Distribution and Control Systems (PDCS), where ITC holds the largest market share in the Iranian market. With five decades of experience in Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation of Power Distribution and Control Systems, today Iran Tablo Co. has firmly established itself as the leading brand in its own field of activity. ITC’s glorious history is testament to professional teamwork amongst individuals whose efforts and dedication have collectively enabled the name of Iran Tablo Co. to rise above the rest and survive the economic and political turbulences experienced over the past fifty years.

Through shear hard work and continued commitment of two generations, ITC is now positioned on a solid foundation to continue its legacy in Iran’s industrial arena. ITC’s second generation have successfully launched the next wave of expansion plans and further extended their influence in Industrial Development Projects based on the principles of their founding members, which are “Honour”, “Respect”, “Accountability”, “Determination” and “Innovation”. These are the key values, which have led Iran Tablo Co. to become a leading brand, and these are the beliefs that will be used to invest into the next generation of talent who will carry ITC’s flag in the future. ITC as a business group is involved in activities that go beyond manufacturing of Switchgear systems and is now involved in EPC/MC Services, Design and Development of Automation Systems including PMS/PDCS, SCADA, Process Automation and BMS solutions.

n today’s intense environment and global competition, the pressure on better performance continues to drive ITC to focus on Key Performance Indicators and use gifted individuals to invent and adopt new approaches to it’s growing business. Amalgamation of years of experience and new innovations from two generations is the secret of our success and the source of energy that will be driving ITC forward to new frontiers. Over recent years, ITC has expanded its boundaries to the regional markets of Middle East, Africa and South America, with project references in Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Syria, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E and Venezuela. Our social responsibility is the development of young professionals whose potentials are tapped and made a reality to aid further advancement of industrial, economic, social and cultural standards.


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